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Gabrielle Anwar’s pussy and tits in lingerie

Monday, April 19th, 2010

It’s no surprise that at the age of 40, Gabrielle Anwar is still an object of my fantasies. I remember those days back when I would jack off to her sweet perky tits in Beverly Hills 90210. I only watch that no-nonesense show because of the precum-inducing hot babes like Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth and Gabrielle. It’s embarrassing to say but I kept a poster of her and Shannen Doherty on my bedroom wall and at night all it takes is a bottle of lotion and a naughty imagination and my hand is rubbing my cock fast and hard in the dark.

I once fantasized about Gabrielle in an elegant lace bridal bustier lingerie that shows off the soft hair on her juicy pussy. The lingerie exposed the fullness of her tits and I imagined sucking her plump nipples while I finger fuck her creamy cunt. She then laid on the bed, spread her slender thighs and I fucked her while she moaned my name out loud, grabbing on to the bed sheet until she came all over my dick before I sprayed my hot cum all over her sweet face. Well I’m not going to ‘fess up with the naughty details…after all, those are my fantasies. Maybe at night when you’re alone in your room and you feel your dick harden at the sight of her naked in your mind you can fuck her in a more graphic and wild way that will surely make your dick raw.